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H2020 MERLIN project celebrates successful final review

We are happy to announce the successful completion of our Horizon 2020 MERLIN project. We received a very positive evaluation from the European Commission last week after presenting the technical and clinical results of the new retinal imaging technology developed by MERLIN’s partners. We take this opportunity to thank our advisors throughout the world for […]

MERLIN results to be presented at ICOOR 2021

The 9th International Congress on OCT and OCT Angiography – ICOOR 2021 meeting – will be held in Rome on Dec 17-18. Michael Pircher and Nicolas Chateau will present MERLIN project outcomes. Their lectures will introduce the clinical-prototype developed by the consortium, which delivers multimodal information on the retina at different scales, including three-dimensional cellular-resolution […]

More than 170 subjects examined with MERLIN

MERLIN clincial protoypes were installed at Quinze-Vingts National Eye Hospital in Paris in December 2020, and Rigshopitaltet in Copenhagen in January 2021. Since then, clinicians have used it to examine the back of the eye of 177 subjects. The performance of the device, in terms of image quality and ergonomy, was confirmed on 35 healthy […]

MERLIN project at i2Eye 2021 online meeting

The fourth Autumn Course on Innovative Imaging in Eye Disease – i2Eye 2021 – organized jointly by the PARIS Eye Imaging group, the Vision Institute, and the University of Pittsburgh, will be held online on Oct 13-15 2021. This year again, ophthalmologists, physicists and biologists will address the latest advances in ocular imaging, how they […]

MERLIN project implements active retinal tracking

The MERLIN team recently integrated a new active retinal tracking technology (ARTT) in several multimodal retinal imaging prototypes. During retinal examinations, the natural movements of patients’ eyes have detrimental effects on the quality of retinal images. Distortion artifacts induced by eye motion are particularly pronounced in tomographic scans acquired with a high optical magnification. The […]

MERLIN project presented at ARVO 2021

At ARVO 2021 virtual meeting, Muhammad Faizan Shirazi presents the achievments of the MERLIN partners, including the first clinical results. May 6, 11:15pm CEST, session “Highlights of angiographic imaging” Multi-modal and multi-scale retinal imaging with angiography Muhammad Faizan Shirazi, PhD During his presentation, he shows how gold-standard retinal imaging techniques and cutting-edge adaptive optics technology […]

Second installation in clinical center

As of January 28th, the second prototype of the MERLIN instrument is operational at Rigshospitalet, University of Copenhagen. Imagine Eyes team visited twice the clinical center in Denmark : first to install the device, and then to support the ophthalmologists as they started using it. As a result, the clinicians could easily capture OCT, SLO, […]

MERLIN project to be presented at ICOOR 2020

The 8th International Congress on OCT and OCT angiography in Rome (ICOOR) will be held online on December 18-19. On Dec 19th, Session 21, at 2:40pm CEST Prof. Michael Pircher will present the MERLIN project During his presentation, Prof. Pircher from Medical University of Vienna will reveal the latest images delivered by the MERLIN prototype. […]

First installation in clinical center

On December 7th, the first prototype of the MERLIN instrument was successfully installed at Quinze-Vingt National Eye Hospital, in Paris. The clinical team was very excited to receive the device as they can start assessing its performance and usability. The technical partners are looking forward receiving their feedback, which will guide the development of improvements. […]