Clinical cases with MERLIN presented at ARVO 2022

At the ARVO 2022 annual meeting, in Denver on May 2nd, Dr Kiyoko Gocho presented the first results of the pilot clinical investigation in the MERLIN project.

During the lecture, she showed extraordinary images that provided multimodal information on the retina at different scales, including three-dimensional cellular-resolution images, all acquired with the MERLIN device. The series of clinical cases covered a wide range of pathologies – inherited retinal diseases, AMD, diabetic retinopathy, serous detachment, arterial hypertension – demonstrating the applicability of the imaging device to clinical settings.

Pilot investigation of multimodal and multiscale retinal imaging technology developed by a trans-European multidisciplinary consortium

Kiyoko Gocho, INSERM and Quinze-Vingts National Eye Hospital
May 2, 2022, in Session : Advances in high resolution imaging

The replay is available until June 30, 2022 on the virtual ARVO 2022 platform.