MERLIN project implements active retinal tracking

The MERLIN team recently integrated a new active retinal tracking technology (ARTT) in several multimodal retinal imaging prototypes.

During retinal examinations, the natural movements of patients’ eyes have detrimental effects on the quality of retinal images. Distortion artifacts induced by eye motion are particularly pronounced in tomographic scans acquired with a high optical magnification. The purpose of ARTT is to neutralize these effects.

With MERLIN’s ARTT, the position of the laser beam that scans the retina is continuously corrected for any movement of the eye. This active compensation is driven by fast measurements of retinal displacements using a secondary laser beam. As a result, the system delivers high-magnification tomographic images without motion distortion (see image below).

Two MERLIN prototypes equipped with the new ARTT are now under clinical testing at Paris Quinze-Vingts Hospital and Copenhagen Rigshospitalet.