Fighting blindness with advanced retinal imaging

Retinal diseases threaten the sight of 400 million people worldwide. Besides their strong impact on patients’ quality of life, these diseases generate a heavy burden on health systems. The MERLIN project is dedicated to improving their diagnosis and clinical management, thanks to advanced retinal imaging technology.

This pioneering initiative brings together six industrial and academic partners from different European countries. Together, the partners develop an imaging device that delivers 3-D views of the retina with incredibly high detail, up to the level of individual cells!

“A breakthrough joint innovation, reaching for highly positive impacts on health and society.”

Significant benefits are expected, from early disease detection -before irreversible damage occurs- to deeply personalized therapeutic treatments.

In order to bring MERLIN partners’ ideas to life, the  European Commission* has awarded the project with € 4.9 million in grant funding.

*Horizon 2020 programme, grant agreement N°780989.