MERLIN partners at ARVO in Vancouver

MERLIN partners presented their work during the Imaging in the Eye & ARVO 2019 conferences in Vancouver !
– “The superficial peripapillary vascular layer is the most informative for glaucoma diagnosis – A multi-layer study based on OCT Angiography”, poster by Dr. Danilo Andrade de Jesus (Erasmus MC Rotterdam)
– “Motion correction in 3D-OCT data by intensity-based image registration: an evaluation study”, poster by Dr. Luisa Sanchez Brea (Erasmus MC Rotterdam)
– “Adaptive optics OCT angiography: What do we see more?”, presentation by Prof. Micheal Pircher (Medical University of VIenna).
Congratulations for their great presentations !

Vienna ‘s meeting with latest progress in retinal imaging

A consortium of European industrial, scientific and medical partners met on June 26 & 27  in Vienna, Austria, for their 6-month progress review on the MERLIN project. A real synergy between clinicians and scientists arised as they shared their latest advances on:
  • Optical coherence tomography (OCT),
  • Adaptive Optics imaging,
  • Image registration,
  • System integration.

Adaptive Optics 1st Autumn course by MERLIN partners

Organized by MERLIN partner Michel Paques and his co-workers, the 1st Autumn Course on #adaptiveoptics retinal imaging will be held in Paris on 0ctober 8, 2018. Registration is open!

ICFO ‘s postdoctoral position recruit

A postdoctoral position in Adaptive Optics Retinal Imaging, at ICFO (Barcelona, Spain), to build a retinal imaging system and the related real time image registration software. See the job description and apply here:

A scientific researcher vacancy in ERASMUS

A scientific researcher vacancy in Biomedical Imaging at Erasmus MC (Rotterdam) to develop fast registration and advanced analysis methods for retinal images.
See the job description and apply here:

2 postdoctoral vacancies at ERASMUS

2 Postdoc vacancies in Biomedical Imaging at Erasmus MC (Rotterdam, NL) to develop advanced image processing software for the visualization and quantitative analysis of microscopic retinal structures.
See the job description and apply here:

European consortium is awarded with € 5 million funding

Paris, France, 2018/01/26. A consortium of European industrial, scientific and medical partners has met for 2 days in Paris to kick off the MERLIN project, with the common ambition of developing breakthrough medical instrumentation for imaging the back of the eye. The medical applications of MERLIN encompass a wide range of pathologies that impact the eye’s retina, including age-related macular degeneration (AMD), as well as chronic vascular conditions, including diabetes. This project has received € 4.868M in funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 780989. Read more